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We’re searching for a location for Sunday Brunch


Let The Rev and the Brethren make your venue the go-to hang out on Sundays

Reverend Wes and the Brothers of the TTC are looking for an exclusive venue to offer their services for a rock n blues brunch.

Is you’re venue that location?

Reverend and Wes and the TTC offer a unique entertainment experience. Capitalizing on the Rev’s ability to “preach”and the talent of the brethren, this band brings a lot more to your venue than just background music. They bring an experience that your patrons will be talking about for weeks afterwards.

Awesome band. They played The Old Beach Bar and it was electric. The place is still talking about them today. If you can book them, you better do it now because they will be hard to get later.

Scott B

Manager, OId Beach Bar in Panama City Beach




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