About The Band

At first glance, Reverend Wes and the TTC seem like an unlikely musical grouping. Every band member has enjoyed a unique musical path that has brought them to this point in musical time. A musical time that now includes the unique amalgamation of rhythm, tone, and harmony that is known as Reverend Wes and the TTC. Different playing styles and a diversity of musical tastes makes for some interesting sounds in your earhole. It adds some spicy goodness to the vibe, and helps them bring you a flavor of heaven with a pinch of sin in every note.  

Either way,  it all works, so it’s best to not question it.

Our Mission

Is obviously to be a great band, but truly, we want you to be entertained. Yes, we’d like to blow your mind with a cool guitar riff, hip drum beat, and a rattling bassline, but our actual mission is have fun…and hopefully, take you along for the ride.

We may play some face melting rock or metal, a cool blues jam, a tear jerking ballad, or even some twangy ass country, but our real Christmas wish is to make you laugh and smile.

The Players

Brother Dewayne

Brother Dewayne

Vocals, Guitar, Spoons, Grumpy Noises


Brother Dewayne originally hails from the Memphis area and has been playing guitar for a while as far as we know. You see, he didn’t submit a formal bio for the site, so… a lot of this sh$t is just gonna be made up BS.

We do kinda know the following:

  1. He first gained interest in playing guitar when he heard Eddie Van Halen for the first time. Rumor also has it that Bro. Dewayne won a radio contest when he was a kid. The grand prize was to have Van Halen play at a private birthday party, but Bro Dewayne didn’t win first prize. He won third… which resulted in him getting a coupon for 50% off a hotdog at a local skating rink.
  2. He mumbles a lot.
  3. Brother Dewayne can be a grumpy F*#ker.
  4. He once had a guest spot playing a spoon solo on Hee Haw.

He’s played in the following bands throughout Memphis and/or Florida: Malibu Surf Puppies, Urban Squirrel, The Chase (as bass player), Hindsight, The Dirty Sanchez All Star tribute, Rusty Trombone, and Trailer Trash Cooperative.

He hates long walks on the beach (or anywhere else for that matter), sunsets, and the outdoors… unless, or course, he’s hunting, hiking, and/or fishing on the beach during a sunset, then he absolutely loves that sh$t. His sign is “stop” because it’s just as meaningful as any of that other BS. 

He and Reverend Wes were the first members of this band and have played together for a few years doing acoustic sets around the Gulf Coast.

Brother Joey

Brother Joey

Chest Rattling Bass Player, Tap Dancing

Long time visitor, first time caller… Joey is a seasoned musical veteran with over 30 years of experience holding down the bottom end as a fixture throughout the Texas hard rock/metal scene. Brother Joey first stepped on a stage…with a bass in his hand…in the mid to late ‘80s. Playing in mostly original, hard rock bands, he has toured throughout Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Brother Joey’s previous bands… which we don’t talk about too much because we like to think we were his first… have opened for several national acts including Drowning Pool, Down, Honky, Scatterbrain, Life of Agony, and Type O Negative to name a few. He’s even shared the stage with members of Bad Company and Pantera.

Joey and his family first began visiting the Emerald Coast area back in the late 90’s, and finally… after decades of dreaming about it… he and his family sold all their Texas stuff (except for his musical equipment) and moved to the Emerald Coast. His days are now spent holding down Destin Kayak Rentals as the owner/operator, and his evenings are spent trying to make us play speed metal at the country bar. 

Brother Russ

Brother Russ

Beating on Things, Vocals, and Harmonica


Originally from New Jersey, Bro. Russ started playing percussion in his high school marching band. Fortunately for us, he enjoyed beating on things so much, that he decided to keep doing it.  His first foray into playing outside of marching band found him playing country music (which us southerners view as an extremely weird thing for northern folk to do, but anyway.)

When Bro. Russ sits behind his kit, he brings a diverse musical background to the group. He’s played a variety of musical genres including outlaw country, regular country, western, cosmic country, americana, country-country, super country, your mom’s country, rock, jam band rock, and even country music. He’s done this all over New Jersey and the surrounding areas. As a matter of fact, you folks from up that way may not recall the Dingle Fingers, The Hoagie Homeboys, and The Garden State Rockefeller’s… all bands that I just made up because I’m bored.

Seriously though, you may actually recall The Russell Clemens Band, The Uncle John Band, and The Mark Tracy band. All of which were very real and very talented New jersey Based bands that Brother Russ kept the tempo and rhythm flowing in…  and also, as far as I know, played the mouth harp in.

Fast forward a few years later, and Bro. Russ decided to move and become a Florida man…because it’s awesome! Initially, he lived in Clearwater where he played with The Underground Pilots, and another group. Unfortunately, he cannot seem to recall what that latter group called themselves. Sorry other nameless group.

After realizing that he wasn’t too fond of Scientologists, Brother Russ left Clearwater and moved to Panama City Beach, and thanks be to the good lord above and all that’s holy, he now plays with Reverend Wes and the TTC

His musical influences are the Grateful dead. M.T.B. Outlaws. Waylon, Willie, Hank Sr, Dylan, The Band. and the Jews harp player from The Lawrence Welk Show.

Reverend Wes

Reverend Wes

Guitars, Vocals, Spreading the Good News, Armpit Fart Noises


Reverend Wes…believe it or not… is a real person who just happens to be in this particular band. As you might have already surmised, the good Rev received a portion of his musical introductions and musical education in church, but it was well before the days of righteousness that he first fell in love with music. He has played throughout the east coast with a variety of bands, groups, and fiends often being part of the opening act for some better known groups.

When he’s not playing music, the good Rev enjoys breakdancing, half buckets of chicken, and sarcasm.

He is endorsed by a number of craft beer distilleries…whether they realize or not.. and a couple of different fashion sweat pant manufacturers…even though he rarely wears pants. He is also a cover model for Modern Drunkard magazine.

Some of the bands in which he’s played include: Hyde, Rockhouse, Remedy, Lil’ Debbie and the Snack Cakes, Four Dollar Buffet, Free Beer, The Dirty Sanchez All Star tribute, Rusty Trombone, and Trailer Trash Cooperative.

His influences are all over the place, but include everyone from the Allman Brothers to Eric Johnson. These days, he spends his time with family…and striving to gain back the guitar chops he once enjoyed.  He has written a number of songs as solo artist, and you can hear them on Spotify, Amazon, I-tunes, and just anywhere else music can be heard online.


850-710-5256 for booking inquiries

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